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My team and I are happy to be with Aveda at the European Film Awards every year, since 2012 already. Wow! We think that the movie business and the beauty business harmonise very well. Movies let us forget everyday life and bring us into another world, films always allow us to be somebody else, to look through different eyes for some time, while hair and make-up make you feel good and allow you to jump into other roles. It allows you to change yourself - for a movie or for longer. It helps you to be that other person. Nowadays, sustainability is everything. It’s important to have partners, friends that think so too. In all these years we had the chance to show that natural products work for movies and for red carpets. At Aveda, we have over 40 years of experience in the field. It's great to see how it is getting more important to everyone. After all the great events, cities and parties, such beautiful experiences, it is a highlight for us every year to came back together. Thank you, European Film Academy.



Inspirations and experiences in Berlin City West: Fusion of art, lifestyle and enjoyment!

The award-winning architecture by Jan Kleihues, spectacular art by Lüpertz, Toscanelli & Kampmann and the uniquely rising facade have made the hotel a landmark on Kurfürstendamm. A place full of life, where savoir-vivre and avant-garde, hospitality and comfort come together, in the heart of Berlin City West. Visit us at and explore all our wonderful facilities. The EFA Film awards enable us to showcase our brand and our timeless hotel to all the many international visitors, who want to experience the best of Berlin.



Ottolina is an Italian premium coffee directly from Milan.

We have been roasting selected coffee beans for over 70 years, in a high quality. Everyone in Italy and in the region around Milan knows Ottolina. We have made it our business to bring the delicious Italian coffee to Germany and make it known. In our Coffee Online Shop you can order our products. The EFA Film Award is a great opportunity for us to present our Ottolina products. We want other people to be enthusiastic about our coffee. We think that we share the coffee with the right people. Here Ottolina gets the right appreciation.


Wim and Donata Wenders

ŠKODA to chauffeur stars to the European Film Awards

Films inspire people everywhere and enrich their daily lives.

This is exactly what ŠKODA does with clever, contemporary mobility solutions. And as a long-standing partner to the event, ŠKODA will again be supporting the European Film Awards in 2021. Nominees, presenters and winners will be driven to the award on 11 December in Berlin in the comfortable OCTAVIA iV and SUPERB iV limousines with plug-in hybrid drive. The ENYAQ iV will also be on hand to supplement the fleet of shuttle vehicles. The all-electric SUV from ŠKODA combines locally emission-free driving with a high level of comfort.

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Cineuropa is an online information portal that promotes cinema and culture world-wide. The website is updated on a daily basis in four languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish), and is specially designed for both wider audiences and industry readers.
Having started off as a pure cinema site, Cineuropa has since extended its range of coverage, producing several analyses on the state of culture in Europe and elsewhere. Cineuropa offers an ample selection of content: special reports, country focuses, making-ofs, film and company databases, script analysis, and online training courses, to name but a few.